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We Transform Lives

HQ Travel Group is one of the world's leading providers of impact, adventure, and educational travel.

It is home to two market-leading brands that facilitate life-transforming travel experiences in over 60 countries to customers living in more than 100 nations worldwide.

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) is the world's largest volunteer travel specialist.

Recognized as the highest-rated volunteer abroad provider for the last six consecutive years it has empowered over 137,000 volunteers to make a meaningful impact in local communities abroad.

Since 2007, IVHQ has facilitated transformative, life-enriching travel experiences that allow volunteers to support impactful initiatives around the world and make a difference in the local communities they serve.

With over 300 projects in 45 countries, IVHQ offers the world's most extensive range of volunteer abroad programs, all of which are available with US and UK academic credits. Our fully vetted, all-inclusive experiences ensure our volunteers can make a difference safely and confidently, wherever they choose to go.

Intern Abroad HQ was named the world's #1 rated intern abroad provider in each of the last three years.

We empower students and young professionals to pursue their dream careers through impactful international work experiences. With 300 internship programs across 25 countries, we offer both in-country and remote applied learning opportunities that enrich expertise, enhance cultural understanding, and accelerate professional growth.

All our programs offer US academic credits and ensure participants gain the practical skills, global perspectives, and the confidence to excel in their chosen fields.

Our commitment to ethical and sustainable business operations

HQ Travel Group is committed to making a positive social and environmental impact.

We have been a certified B Corporation since 2015 - and we remain the only global volunteering and internships provider to be a B Corporation.

Our business operations in New Zealand have been certified carbon neutral since 2016.

Every one of our 600+ volunteer and internship programs is aligned with one or more United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals

Through partnering with local organizations in each of the locations we operate in (instead of employing our own staff), we support long-term local employment, new job creation, and economic growth.

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HQ Travel LP (trading as HQ Travel Group) is headquartered in New Zealand.

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